1. Am I eligible for an Arbour Scholarship?

Arbour Scholarships are available to students studying at the master and doctorate levels from the following universities:
-Université de Montréal
-Université de Sherbrooke
-Concordia University
-McGill University

If you attend one of these schools, ask your guidance counsellor if your program is among the ones being funded.

Please note that if you are a foreign student, you must have completed at least one full year studying in Quebec. Canadian students applying from a PhD program, must be in their first year of studies. All applicants must have over a 75% average during their last degree obtained. (ex: 75% average in your bachelor’s degree if you are applying for a masters scholarship).


Eligibility table for an Arbour Scholarship based off student status


2. How many times can I be awarded a scholarship?

Past scholars are allowed to apply a total of 4 times, meaning 2 master’s scholarships and 2 doctorate scholarships. Students who directly applied during their PhD are allowed to be funded twice. MBA scholarships are NOT renewable.


3. Do I apply directly with the Foundation?

No. All applications must be sent to the Foundation by their universities. Any applications which are directly received at the Foundation will not be considered for a scholarship.

If your university is one mentioned above, please speak with your guidance counsellor to find out how you can apply for an Arbour Scholarship.


4. How does one apply for an Arbour Scholarship?

The Arbour Foundation proudly partners with 9 Quebec universities, awarding scholarships to students completing master and doctorate studies. Students attending participating universities must be registered in an MBA, MSc or PhD program and have over a 75% average from their previous degree to be considered for a scholarship.

Students are to complete the application forms found on our website and apply through their university to be considered for an interview. Please consult with your guidance counsellor to see if you match the criteria.